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Women's Sweaters

Icelandic Lopapeysa

The Icelandic Lopapeysa is the traditional unspun wool sweater that every Icelander keeps handy. These are made by the Icelandic Handknitting association, with the highest standards of quality. 

Size Guide 

Size Chart

Small  A=50  B=64

Large  A=56  B=66

Medium  A=53  B=65

XLarge  A=60  B=67




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The Viking

The Viking Akureyri

The Viking Reykjavík

The Viking Reykjavík

The Viking Reykjavík

Hafnarstrćti 104
S. 540 2391 
Skólavörđustígur 3
101 Reykjavík
S. 540 2392
Skólavörđustígur 25
101 Reykjavík
S. 540 2393 
Hafnarstrćti 1-3
101 Reykjavík
S. 540 2394